Who is Sophie?

Are you Stuck? I can help. Lets succeed together.-2
She is an expert at getting the job done. Whether it is managing large international IT projects, construction projects or managing large development team. She succeeded at moving up the corporate latter against all odds. She moved from Project Control Officer onto Project Manager then Director and yes all the way to Vice President in one of the top 5 IT consulting firm in the world. She is an amazing leader and appreciated by her employees and her peers.


Personal achievements include:

Forever breaking bad habits such as: stopping smoking, keeping the extra weight off, stopping the victim complex and moving from bad relationships into an amazing one. Oh, and yes, she speaks 3 languages.

Ready to Succeed? 
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She is also a coach, a writer and speaker:cropped-Sophie_HR_202.jpg

Sophie has published 2 books and multiple articles. And for the past few years, she has been doing speaking engagements in Canada and the US.


Why is all that important to you?

She did it. She succeeded. So she can show you how to do it, and make it happen for you.

In the past few years, she has realized that she had an amazing capacity to help people. Help them achieve their goals, whether professional or personal.

And she volunteers:

She volunteers at the CHUM in the intensive care unit. The CHUM is one the biggest hospital in Montreal, Quebec.

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She also volunteers at the Canadian Cancer Society and at PMI Montreal.

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In the recent past, she was also on the board of directors of Hydro Sherbrooke and the Foundation of Vincent D’Indy Music School. And yes, she also volunteered at SPCA. 

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