lNovember sadnesspics_largeAh, the November Blues…How to fight it, how to survive it, how to enjoy yourself in spite of it!

November blues is now a regular yearly thing that we have to deal with, for those of us lucky bastards living north. The toughest thing is getting up in the morning and it’s getting darker and darker, before the fall time change. My god it is hard to get up when it is so, so dark. My husband went to Alaska a couple of times in the past year and as we know they are either full light 20 hours a day, or full dark. Can you imagine what “November Blues” those guys must go through?  They even have a serious warning to anyone who wants to move there, even temporarily. Its rough!


  • Light therapy. You can buy this “Blue” light at Wall-Mart. The trick is to start early. December-January is too late. You have to start in October for it to take effect. 20-30 minutes every morning.
  • Go out at lunchtime. Really try to catch some sunrays as much as you can. 20 minutes is better then nothing.
  • Take you vacation in November. Instead of paying full price right after Christmas, go on vacation in November, everything is almost half price.
  • On your days off, take extra long walks outside.
  • Go back to the gym. You started your program in September, slowed down in October. Now its time to go back full swing.
  • If you are lucky enough to travel for work and end up in California or Florida, stay an extra day. It’s worth the expense.
  • It is time to improve you nutrition. Especially, eat a lot more fruits.
  • It is also time to increase your vitamin D supplements.
  • Resist the temptation to eat a lot of junk food. It just brings you down.
  • It is time to take out those funny movies you love. Add laughter to your days.
  • Shake things up, do things differently. Have a football party on Sunday, try new slow cooker recipes or try reading a new book series.

There are plenty of ways to not fall into the trap of November blues. It is really entirely your choice. The next best thing is to do like a lot of our Quebec Retirees, move south for a few months every winter. That is my dream come through.

Having said all that, my blues come in February more then November, and I cannot be the only one. So anything and everything mentioned here…same for February. Except be careful where you go for your vacation because in some areas in the States, spring break is in February and you want to avoid that at all costs.

Now, put a smile on your face, stand tall, shoulders back and enjoy November!

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