A Year to Get Rich with Purpose by Edward Vilga

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This is not written or given by me. It is an amazing web site I found and I want to share it with you. Unfortunately, only available in English.

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Money problems (at their root) are always mindset problems. The greatest financial obstacle we face is our lack of awareness of the mind/body/spirit connection to our bank accounts, something almost none of us has ever really been taught. Instead, we absorbed lack consciousness and upper limiting beliefs, unknowingly holding them as truths, even though they are a form of unconscious self-sabotage. We tighten ourselves up emotionally and physically… and this drastically constricts the possibility that the money we so eagerly want and need can flow to us.

Once you begin to shift your mindset, however, your entire experience with money begins to change. Rather than holding in energy and clinging to old, wealth-constricting patterns, you begin to experience flow through your breath, body, and bank account as something fluid and organic, letting go of old misperceptions around limitation and lack. You start to feel freer in every way, and as physical and emotional barriers dissolve, suddenly new avenues of income start to appear. Sometimes these seem like miracles, but really this is all just part of the natural process of you reconnecting with the universal state of flow.


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