It is impossible to feel depressed or to lack confidence if you have faith that you will succeed.

When I am talking about faith, I am not talking about religion. I am talking about unwavering belief, no matter what happens, that you will succeed, and that the world, the universe and the people around you will help make your success happen. In my last blog, I mentioned that you have to become comfortable with not knowing how you will achieve every task on your plan. Most people are uncomfortable with the unknown and the ambiguity of the situation they find themselves in.

That’s where faith comes in. If you have faith that it will happen, you will continue persistently on your path. You will recite your statement morning and night with lots of positive emotions, you will follow and adjust your plan of action to achieve your burning desire, you will act as-if it was already yours. Faith is a state of mind.

If you have doubts about what I am writing, just go back in time. You probably don’t have to go far back to see that the reason you did not succeed on one of your goals is because you lost faith. Whether you were trying to get back in shape after your New Year’s resolution or trying to get a promotion, if it did not happen it’s because you lost faith. And what happens when you lose faith. You stop saying your statement, you stop feeling positive about it, you stop doing the actions that were on your plan. You GIVE UP! Anxiety and worry kill faith.

Think of times when you succeeded. What did you do differently? What did you feel? Who was helping you? Sometimes we succeed because we put ourselves into a corner. We have to lose weight or stop smoking or we will die of a heart attack. We get it done because we no longer have a choice. Why do we have to reach such extremes to get things done?

You lose faith because things got hard, your negative thoughts kicked in, your old patterns came back, the support of the people around you did not come in as you hoped and your self-confidence started failing. At this point, you even questioned why you wanted this “burning desire” or goal in the first place. Anxiety, worry and doubts have taken over. How do you reverse it before you give up? “… All thoughts which have been emotionalized, (given feeling) AND MIXED WITH FAITH, begin immediately to translate themselves into their physical equivalent or counterpart. “ – Napoleon Hill.


  • Why do you want this goal; get emotional and invested in it again. Switch your feelings of worry and anxiety to feelings of trust, faith and belief that you can achieve it.
  • Visualize having achieved it. See yourself in the future having lived with the successful achievement for 6 months, one year, 5 years. How do you feel?
  • Day to day, use your body to change your feelings. Stand up straight, shoulders back, chin up and put a big smile on your face. Trust me, you cannot have this kind of body language and feel depressed.
  • Ask a trusted friend to help you stay on target. We don’t have to achieve this alone.
  • Exercise while thinking and visualizing your success. The act of exercising, including walking, creates a state in your body that helps with depression and acts against giving up.

Faith is the 2nd step of Napoleon Hill’s amazing book Think and Grow Rich. It has been tested with the most successful people in the world. All 13 steps of that book will help you keep the faith. I really do believe in the steps of that book and hope you will pick it up soon and start reading it and applying the principles.

Enjoy the journey and have fun. If you fall, keep in mind that it is temporary and take the steps to get back up and continue towards your goal.


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