You want something badly? Why don’t you have it yet? What’s holding you back?

As I mentioned in my last blog, I love the book Think and Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill. And Sharon Lechter made a version for women updated for today’s reality. So today I want to write about the first chapter, the burning desire.

Do you have a burning desire? Something that you desperately want, at all costs? At all costs. This means, if you want to lose 50 pounds but you are not willing to diet or exercise than it is not a burning desire. If you want to become an executive in your company but they require an MBA and you are not willing to do it, it is not a burning desire. Those are wishes. I wish I was thinner, I wish I was richer, I wish I had that job. Wishing it is nice, but it will not make it happen. You will not achieve your wish just by wishing it.

A burning desire lights you up just by thinking about it. You want to take action, you won’t mind putting in the hard work and the hours because it won’t feel like work. You have to feel it in your gut. If people observed you while you were working towards your desire they would describe you as persistent, courageous, dedicated, enthusiastic, energized and focused (among other things).

That is why so many goals are never achieved. People don’t make the difference between a wish and a burning desire. So ask yourself, what is your burning desire? When was the last time you felt all those things above? Do you have a wish that you can turn into a burning desire?

According to Napoleon Hill there are 6 steps to help you transmute your burning desire into reality. The steps are based on the idea that you want to put it “out there” and live it everyday as if it already was achieved.


Step 1: What do you want? What is your Burning Desire, your Goal? It has to be clearly stated. If you want to be at a certain weight say: I am at 140lbs. If you want to be a vice president, say: I am a vice president. I find it important to state it in the present. Otherwise, it will always be in the future, never now.

Step 2: What are you willing to do or give to get your desire. Nothing is free. Everything has a cost. What are you willing to “pay” to get your desire?

Step 3: Set a date. Even if I mentioned the importance of being in the present in step 1, it is important to have a deadline. Example: I am 140lbs no later then xx. I have a million dollars by xx.

Step 4: Create a specific plan knowing that life responds and you don’t have all the answers. Start feeling good about the unknown and ambiguity of not knowing how it will be achieved in detail.

Step 5: Write a clear statement that will include the desire, the date, what you are willing to do for it, and the plan to achieve it. I also like to start it with, “I am grateful now that …”.

Side note: did you know when you are feeling down and out and tired and feel like your desire will never happen, the best way to change your feeling is to feel and state everything you are grateful for? It will automatically change your mood and put you back on track.

Step 6: Re-read my statement out loud every morning and evening.

When you read your statement, add lots of feeling to it. It will dramatically improve your chance of success. If you just go through the motions and say it without feeling the success, it will mean nothing.

Find your burning desire and let’s get cracking.


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