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You have your goal; you have your motivation; you have your support team ready to help you succeed. Now you need a detailed plan so you can hit the ground running and keep going forward even through the road blocks you will encounter. As you can imagine, this is my favorite of all the steps […]


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Why just use our imaginations to dream big? Why not use it to accomplish what we want and use it to reach our goals? We often only use the left side of our brain when we plan our goals. We use our logic and we use our ability to make lists and plans. All that […]


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As you know already, I have been re-reading a marvelous book from Napoleon Hill called Think & Grow Rich. The new 2014 version of this book by Sharon Lechter is an updated version, aimed specifically at women. I am now ready to write about the fourth step; specialized knowledge. As a quick reminder, in step […]


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Are you on autopilot? Are you letting your thoughts run wild and free? How well has that served you so far? Here are 3 steps to success! Yes, I know, you’ve heard it before. Control your thoughts, control your thoughts. God! Leave me alone with my thoughts. That’s our problem. We don’t pay attention. If […]


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It is impossible to feel depressed or to lack confidence if you have faith that you will succeed. When I am talking about faith, I am not talking about religion. I am talking about unwavering belief, no matter what happens, that you will succeed, and that the world, the universe and the people around you […]


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You want something badly? Why don’t you have it yet? What’s holding you back? As I mentioned in my last blog, I love the book Think and Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill. And Sharon Lechter made a version for women updated for today’s reality. So today I want to write about the first chapter, the […]


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What is mind mapping and what can it do for you? It is a word we hear a lot these days and I wanted to know if it was just a new buzz word of if there was really something behind it! So last week I organized a workshop with friends and colleagues and asked […]


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How do people perceive you? Is your body betraying you? What about your facial expressions? About 2 months ago, while at a networking event, I met a great woman who is a coach in body language. We met for coffee not long after and within the first few minutes of our first 1-hour meeting she […]


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I am pondering a lot lately on what is the best way to get rid of a bad habit or an addiction. Do you go from inside out or outside in? First let me clarify what I mean. Inside out means that you feel that you need to fix the problem from inside of yourself […]